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Domestic Cleaning SW12 Balham

Domestic Cleaning BalhamYou work around the clock and are too exhausted when you come home from the office? Cleaning at the end of a long day is the last thing you could possibly think off? Luckily for you there’s a solution to this problem. Our company in SW12 Balham offers flexible domestic cleaning services so that you won’t have to work like a dog after you have finished work.

Our cleaners are professionals and hard workers, they are diligent, disciplined and responsible. Once you let them into your house or apartment, they will get the job done in less than two hours.

Domestic Cleaning Services Balham
Regular Cleaning

£13 £12

One Off Cleaning

£14 £13

Spring Cleaning

£16 £14

After Builders Cleaning

£16 £14

Domestic Cleaners Balham

We are proud to say we offer the best domestic cleaning services in SW12 Balham. You don’t have to waste your time cleaning at home. All you have to do is give our service a chance.

There’s a list of the benefits our clients will get:

  • No hidden charges – you pay only when using the services
  • Always uniformed and professional appearance of our employees
  • Insured domestic cleaners in SW12
  • Security
  • Free ironing

“We have a lot of work and come late at home so, we don’t have the necessary time for cleaning and tidying of the rooms. We use this company’s domestic cleaning services which are the most professional and reliable we have ordered.” – Riley

You have way too many arrangements, a busy schedule and a career to look after? If this is the case, chances are you don’t have much time to clean at home. What’s more you probably don’t spend much of your time there. If that is the case you can always count on us. Our domestic cleaning services in Balham London would leave you fully satisfied as we will clean your entire home quickly and efficiently.

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House Cleaning SW12

Domestic Cleaning SW12We will begin with your entrance hall by cleaning the light switches, vacuuming your carpet and washing the floor. Then we’ll take care of your kitchen – we’ll empty your dishwasher and garbage bin, clean up the sink and tiles, the cupboards, microwave and oven. We’ll tidy up and clean thoroughly your living room, bathroom and bedroom so that you won’t have to do anything by yourself. And all of this at affordable prices.

If you have any special requests, regarding the cleaning process feel free to specify them – they will be taken into account. Our house cleaners in Balham will be happy to fulfil your requests.

For appointments contact us by phone or email.